About Lysta

Lysta makes compiling and discovering opinions through lists easy, fun, and sociable.

Express yourself.

Lysta enables users to create lists of content and then to connect, interact and learn.


Create lysts of absolutely anything 
Compile, categorise, and rank the things that matter
Discover new things to try, buy, and find new favourites


Connect with friends

Connect with friends and get opinions on your lysts.
Together, find, compile, discuss and refine the things that you collectively enjoy   


Learn new things

Discover and explore things that inspire you.  Browse interesting lysts, accounts, and subjects.  Discover fresh content based on people you follow and posts you like.


Engage and interact

Create fact-based or opinion-based lysts and encourage comments from your friends. Add photos and videos to your lysts and bring them to life,


Rank and compare

Like, love and comment on lysts.  Rank content and encourage your friends to discuss the relative position helping you and them to discover more

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